Our Guide to What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done on a Motorcycle

by Karen Neill

Motorcycle Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your motorcycle running smoothly and safely. Motorcyclists need to be aware that motorcycles are not like cars. Should a component fail on a car it is unlikely this will cause serious injury, where as a motorcycle owner you need to be sure that every component functions correctly and is well maintained. Your life may depend on it.

Budget plays a big factor in maintaining a motorcycle or scooter. We suggest that at the very least for motorcycles over 125cc, you should keep up with your service schedules as per manufacturer specifications. Remember the more miles you ride the more consumable items such as brake pads and tyres will wear, and the need for more regular oil changes will occur. Pats of responsible motorcycle and scooter ownership is to make sure you have the money to keep your bike safe – in doing this you are keeping yourself safe.

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

Oil and Filter Change

Regularly change the engine oil and replace the oil filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Service Oil

Chain Maintenance

Keep the drive chain clean and lubricated and adjust the tension as needed.

Motorcycle Chain

Tyre Inspection

Check the tyre pressure regularly and inspect tyres for wear, cuts, or embedded objects. Replace tyres when tread depth is low or if there is any damage.

Motorcycle Tyres

Brake Inspection

Check brake pads, discs, brake fluid and clutch fluid and top up as needed.

This photo shows worn brake pads that were removed from a client’s vehicle. Letting brake pads wear this much will not only affect the rider’s ability to brake safely but will cause unnecessary wear on the brake disc which adds to the cost of repair and potential MOT failure.

Worn Brake Pads

Fluid Check

Regularly check levels of coolant, brake fluid and clutch fluid and top up as needed.

Air Filter

Clean or replace the air filter as the manufacturer recommends to ensure proper airflow to the engine.

Spark Plugs

Check and replace spark plugs according to the manufacturer’s schedule for optimal engine performance.

Battery Maintenance

Keep the battery terminals clean and check the battery’s charge regularly. Replace the battery if it’s not holding a charge or showing signs of deterioration.

Suspension Inspection

Inspect components for leaks, damage or excessive wear. Lubricate pivot points as needed

Cables and Controls

Check the throttle, clutch and brake cables for proper operation and lubricate them, if necessary, to ensure all controls function smoothly.

Lights and Electrical System

Regularly check all lights, indicators and electrical systems for proper functioning.

Frame and Chassis

Inspect the frame and chassis for signs of damage, cracks, or rust and address any issues promptly

What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done on a Motorcycle FAQs

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