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Zenith Motorcycles FAQ

Q) Do you MOT trikes & quads?

A) No, we can only test class 1&2 vehicles and some 3-wheeled vehicles such as Piaggio MP3 and so on.

Q) Can I supply my own parts to fit to my motorcycle?

A) Yes, we can fit client-supplied parts HOWEVER we do not offer a labour warranty on self-supplied parts

Q) Do you use aftermarket parts?

A) When you bring your motorcycle to us for repair, we will offer an estimate for both aftermarket and genuine parts and leave the decision to the client. We prefer to always work with genuine parts; however, we understand this is not always financially viable and are happy to supply and fit non-OEM parts if of a good and safe quality. We do not offer a labour warranty on aftermarket parts.

Q) How long does an MOT take?

A) An MOT takes around 45 mins but we ask all clients to allow 1 hour for their appointment

Q) What should I do if my bike fails its MOT?

A) You will be issued with a Failure Certificate (CT30) outlining the reason(s) for failure. These will need to be rectified before you can have a valid MOT certificate for your motorcycle.

You are not obligated to have any remedial work carried out by us. You can present your vehicle to your repair centre of choice or complete the repairs yourself.

The only stipulation is that the bike is returned to the test centre, within 10 working days, for a free retest.

After the 10-day requirement, another full test must then be carried out for which you will be charged.

Q) If I have a new vehicle, will I have to take it to a main dealer for the first service or can I come to Zenith or will I void my warranty?

A) We can service your bike and it will not affect your manufacturer warranty. European Exemption rules mean manufacturers can’t invalidate your guarantee for not using a franchised dealer – as long as the garage follows the Manufacturer’s Service Schedule and uses original equipment parts. We work alongside a highly accurate data system which details every aspect of the service schedules for all the various manufacturers. Therefore, you can rest assured that your bike is being serviced as it should and all parts used here at Zenith Motorcycles are always OE/TUV-approved specifications.

Q) If I bring my motorcycle for service or repair, can I leave it with you while I am away on holiday?

A) We are a very busy business and we do not have the time or space to store bikes for a prolonged period. We charge £15+VAT per day storage for vehicles that not collected after 48 hours of completion of works without previous arrangement.

Q) Do you offer a premium service for high-end clients?

A) Simple answer, yes. We consider all of our clients ‘high-end’ and are treated accordingly. However, should you have specific requirements please contact our director Karen and she will be happy to accommodate you. We have experience dealing with several clients from the music, film and TV industries and preparing motorcycles for film & TV & media use.

Q) Does Zenith Motorcycles deal with motorcycle & scooter fleet maintenance?

A) Yes. We currently manage fleet services for Haringey Parking Services and other local authorities and corporate bodies.

Q) Does a woman really own Zenith motorcycles?

A) Yes!

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