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“A great place with honest and caring staff. Took great care with my chain and sprocket change, nice chat and plied with tea or coffee. Such a nice change to the poor attitude from main dealers. Loads of people dropping in which is a good sign. Such a handy location too”.

Michel Couque

Kate P's Motorcycle

“I have been so impressed with all the staff at Zenith Motorcycles. I had used the same mechanic for years because I trust him so much and have always been scared of using someone new in case they rip me off. So, it was a relief to experience Zenith when I was in a different part of London from normal and needed my bike fixed. They are all so friendly, helpful, transparent and really well priced. I highly recommend them. First time they fixed my moped as thieves had broken my steering. Had to use them for a 2nd time in the same week because my stand broke. What a great team. Well impressed.“

Kate P

Josh's Motorcycle

“Bring your bike here! Bring your trust here!
This shop has been professional, honest, respectful and more than fair with their prices.
I can’t say enough about how much respect I have for Karen and her team for their work. I highly recommend this shop.”

Josh Gomez


“The guys at zenith are first class! Very professional and no silly business. I thought I had a worn out transmission, turned out to be a loose clutch. Checked over my bike and sorted the issue within 30minutes! These guys are very honest and would not charge you for any work that doesn’t need to be done. BEST MOTORCYCLE GARAGE IN LONDON”

Adam Nadji


“Right, first thing first, Karen the owner of zenith motorcycles is hands down the easiest woman to get along with. Myself and Karen have built up a relationship since she opened Zenith in 2013 and I see her as a big sister, (I would say 2nd mum but she would kill me). All jokes aside she is a very honest and trustworthy business woman who has built and maintained an excellent motorcycle garage, she hand picks her mechanics and over the years she’s always had trustworthy and good people working for her. I haven’t taken my bike anywhere else since. I remember ringing up the first time ever and was nervous to try new motorcycles mechanic as I bad experience before going to zenith, but Karen made me feel very welcome and put me at ease and has done all these years later!  Every bike I’ve had she always worked wonders, I have high end sports bikes and like to give the team my projects for upgrades and of course maintenance. The best thing is the Zenith team put up with me which is very hard as I can be quite a demanding customer. I don’t see Karen and her team as just my motorcycle mechanics I see them as family and have untold of respect for Karen and her team! Basically, in short terms they the best”


Aziz and his Motorcycle

“I’ve been using Zenith motorcycles for 10 years now, and with all my years of riding they are by far the best garage I’ve used.
The whole team are very friendly and very approachable.
Over the years I have never felt that I was overcharged. They are very honest and upfront which is the best way to run a business.
I would recommend Zenith Motorcycles to any biker. Thank you Zenith for all the hard work.”

Aziz D


“A friend recommended this garage and I had nothing but good experiences with them. Fair prices and excellent customer service. They are professional, trustworthy, serious and also friendly. I always take my bike to this guys even when I have a one hour commute.”

Sebastian I

Nikki B's Motorcycle

“Great people to talk to, they listen to what you are asking.
I felt totally confident and Unstressed knowing that my sons bike was left in capable
Hands. The person I spoke with said that just because the bike had left their premises I should call at any time should I need to ask advice about the bike. WOW, don’t know many places that offer that level of Service free of charge.”

Nikki B

Member of Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)
Member of Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI)
Member of National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA)
Haringey Council Contractor