Top 5 Motorcycle Destinatons in North London

by Karen Neill

Motorcycle Locations

We love riding, and of course, each journey is more about the ride than the destination. But it’s also great to have a waypoint or a place to aim for (maybe getting lost accidentally on purpose on the way there..?). So here are five awesome destinations in and around North London, rooted in motorcycle culture and history.

Ace Café London

Location: Ace Corner, North Circular Road, London NW10 7UD

Ace Cafe - Motorcycle Destinations in North London

The Ace Café London is arguably the spiritual home of British and perhaps world motorcycling. Established as a 24-hour transport café in 1938, it has retained a legendary status since. The post-war period saw the phenomenon of “the teenager”, the boom of the British motorcycle industry, and the arrival of the Ton Up Boys, young people in leather jackets who loved motorbikes and listened to rock’n’roll. These days the Ace Café hosts classic car and motorbike events all year round, the food is cheap and the portions plentiful. Stop there for lunch or ride to one of Ace’s famous Friday night bike nights to mingle with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts in a historic setting!

Epping Forest “Bikers” Tea Hut

Location: Nr High Beech, Epping Forest, IG10 4HR

Epping Forest “Bikers” Tea Hut - Motorcycle Destinations in North London

Also known as Bert’s or Min’s Tea Hut, it was set up in the 1930s to cater to the crowds attending meetings at the now long-defunct Epping Forest Speedway. It’s been in the same family for 85 years and over the many decades has been a friendly and welcoming meeting place for bikers young and old. On a sunny Sunday lunchtime there are usually over a hundred bikes there, many of them interesting and unique.

Site of JA Prestwich factory: the Birthplace of the V Twin Engine

Location: 1a Lansdowne Road, London N17 0LL

Tottenham is not known by many as the cradle of British Motorcycling, but it’s true! The iconic V Twin engine was invented by John Alfred Prestwich at 1a Lansdowne Road in 1901, two whole years before Harley Davidson Motorcycles were even set up in the USA. JA Prestwich motorcycles went on to make a huge contribution to the Allied victory in World War One by ensuring that the British Army had the most effective battlefield communications in the form of heroic motorcycle despatch riders on JA Prestwich Tottenham-built motorbikes. Now an NHS building, the legendary premises are marked with a green plaque.

The Bike Shed

Location : 384 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT

The Bike Shed - Motorcycle Destinations in North London

The Bike Shed is a bar, café, restaurant, and gallery (displaying specially built motorcycles) near the City of London. They offer on-site motorcycle parking and a varied menu of food and drinks. The bike shed is an essential stop on the list of our motorcycle destinations in London.

Zenith Motorcycles

Location: Rainbow Works, 21 Markfield Road, London N15 4RG

Zenith Motorcycles Team

Just down the road from the birthplace of the iconic V twin engine is another place whose location you need to have saved in your GPS: Zenith Motorcycles. As well as being the cleanest and friendliest motorbike mechanics’ and dealership for miles around, it’s also the only one in the country owned and run by a woman, who happens to be the granddaughter of one of the engineers who worked at JA Prestwich (see above) many years ago. With such a rich motorcycling heritage, Zenith caters to the whole spectrum of motorcycling needs, from classic to custom via scooters, sports bikes, and everything in between. Pop by for a cup of tea, a friendly chat about local motorcycling history, and the best value prices on gear, maintenance, and MOTs.

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