Security: How to Keep Your Bike Safe from Thieves!

by Karen Neill

Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle theft is unfortunately something every rider has to be aware of and keep in mind. Being a victim of motorcycle theft is awful, even if your insurance will cover it, often there is no replacing the sense of a bond which one has with one’s bike, and of course the excess on the insurance might be pretty high too. All in all, it’s not a pleasant experience.

Below are a few tips on keeping your bike safer and hopefully out of the hands of scumbag thieves.


If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with a garage, this is likely to be your best defence against thieves. Not just because the bike is out of sight, but also because it’s an extra barrier: breaking into a garage is likely to be noisy and slow a potential thief down considerably. And of course it’ll stop opportunist criminals spotting your bike in the first place. However, make sure your bikes are locked with chains and have extra security on them in case of break ins.


Many modern bikes come with immobilisers, meaning that it’s impossible to start them without the right pre programmed key. It may not stop thieves lifting the bike up into a van, but it certainly makes the prospect less attractive. In fact, some insurance companies now ask if the motorbike has an immobiliser before they provide a quote.


Alarms are controversial: some folks swear by them, others say they drain their battery and don’t do much. Either way, a loud noise is likely to startle a thief and if the bike is garaged and an attempted theft takes place at night, it might wake the owner up and alert them to what’s happening.


Believe it or not, the principle of “out of sight, out of mind” does work. If an opportunist thief is cruising the streets looking for a bike to steal, and sees one that is exposed and one that is covered, of course, the exposed one will more likely attract their attention. Just don’t forget to secure your cover and mark it with a permanent market with your postcode or some such mark that makes it pointless to steal. After all, even covers get stolen. At Zenith Motorcycles we have a range of covers for different sizes of bikes. Pop by the shop for a browse!

Ground Anchors

A solid ground anchor is an excellent immovable object to attach your motorbike to (with a good chain of course). It can be installed inside a garage, on your drive or in the back garden. Some local authorities now install ground anchors in solo motorcycle bays. Installation may take a bit of effort but if you are very protective of your bike and worry that it’s visible to potential thieves if it’s for example, parked on your front drive or garage, it may be worth it.

Security Chain

Oxford Boss Lock

A good solid security chain to attach your bike to an immovable object is a simple and practical solution to the possibility of bike theft. No chain is completely indestructible but the Almax Immobiliser comes close. However any solid chain is a deterrent to opportunists, and we have a range of Oxford ones in the shop, at great prices.

Disc Lock

The lightest and most portable solution is a disc lock, the more solid the better. It may not stop a determined thief with heavy duty cutting tools, but it’ll make it impossible for an opportunist to wheel your bike away. Another option is an alarmed disc lock: the noise will alert those around that the bike is being interfered with and make being near the it pretty unpleasant for a would be criminal. We recommend that you think of motorcycle security like an onion. The more layers you have the harder it is for thieves to steal.

Zenith Staff Recommendation: GPS Tracker

Cosmo with GPS Tracker
Datatool Stealth

What all of this comes down to is that if the bad guys really want to steal a bike, they will, even if all the various security measures have slowed them down a lot. You’d hope that the effort and deterrent effects will force them to move on, but if they don’t and aren’t caught red-handed, then a GPS tracker will mean that the bike’s location will be known to the owner and consequently the police.

Even if thieves bring an angle grinder to cut through the best chain, a GPS tracker will tell the owner where the bike is. It’s not attached to the bike’s battery and can be concealed somewhere on the bike. Professional tracking companies such as Datatool offer 24/7 monitoring and a 96% theft recovery rate. Zenith Motorcycles is an authorised dealer of Datatool trackers and alarms and we will be happy to discuss all of your motorcycle security requirements.

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