Humbled at the Motorcycle News Carol Nash Britain’s Biking Hero Award

by Karen Neill


Being humbled isn’t something you ever expect to say you feel about receiving an award but to say how I felt when I was nominated for the Motorcycle News Carol Nash Britain’s Biking Hero Award, humbled is how I truly feel. My nomination was based on the work Zenith Motorcycles does in the Haringey community and the work I have done to bring children and young people from all backgrounds and physical abilities into a business environment and give work experience and mentor support.

What made this nomination so special to me was that it was run by a vote of people from around the UK to decide who was truly worthy of this award.

So on a cold November day, I drove to Birmingham for the Motorcycle Live event held annually at the NEC for the winner to be announced.

I had no expectations and was really just happy to be around all my fellow nominees whom I felt were far more worthy than me.

I must admit, I was nervous. After all, I was representing my company and after being told by so many teachers at school that being dyslexic and dyspraxic, I shouldn’t aim too high in my ambitions, here I was.

The award ceremony itself was very informal and relaxed with Leon Haslam British superbike champion and son of the racing legend Ron Haslam handing out the award along with his dad.

Biking Heroes Award for Karen Neill

When my name was announced as the winner I actually didn’t realise I had won! I was totally stunned that people around the UK who didn’t even know me would think my actions were worthy enough for this accolade. I think the shock shows on my face in the photos that were taken of me after the announcement.

I have to shag a big thank you to my long-term friend and supporter of Zenith Motorcycles, Anton Shelupanov for initially nominating me and accompanying me to the ceremony.

Biking Heroes Award for Karen Neill

Now, my award sits in my office as a reminder that when life gets hard, it’s always harder for someone else somewhere in the world and everything depends on your last kind act. Never forget where you came from and always be humble.

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