National Business Women’s Award 2019

by Karen Neill


Karen Neill at National Business Women's Awards 2019

When I initially set out to open a motorcycle shop I had no idea the impact it would have on the motorcycle industry or how women in ‘blue-collar’ jobs are viewed.

I had an idea that as a woman I was unique in my chosen field but it was only an idea, it wasn’t something I ever dwelled on or wanted to publicise. Little did I know.

In November 2019 I received a letter through the post that someone had nominated me for the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the National Business Women’s Award. My first reaction was ‘How old do they think I am? I haven’t lived a lifetime to achieve anything yet!’ After the initial shock of everyone thinking I was old, my next thought was to who had nominated me – a question I am still yet to answer!

The award ceremony was held at the Gloucester Hotel in Kensington on 12th December 2019 and with my especially panic-bought ladies’ tuxedo and freshly quaffed hair, I rubbed shoulders with the female business elite of the UK and sat in admiration for what all of these amazing women had achieved.

When the lifetime achievement category was called and my name was announced as a winner I was shocked and incredibly proud. My partner was on her feet pushing me towards the stage and I have to say my memory of accepting the award is a bit foggy, shock does that to me.

The rest of the evening passed by in a flash – especially as the next day I was flying out to Brazil to spend Christmas with my in-laws. I can only say that I spent the next few days literally in the clouds.

Being acknowledged by my peers and other women who have achieved success in their work, is a feeling that I can’t explain. I suppose I had never really stopped to think about what I had to do and sacrifice to make Zenith Motorcycles happen, but when you have a dream sacrifice isn’t something that really means anything.

This award, I dedicated to my co-workers at Zenith Motorcycles, as without them our business would not exist. We work hard to achieve a new level of customer service and without them, it would not be achievable. So, thanks to Bernie, Klodi, Aiden, Garry & Tariq who are the driving force in everything we do.

Karen Neill at National Business Women's Awards 2019

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